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Auto Clubs

Why You Should Join an Auto Club

You have probably seen the ads and commercials for them. I know you have seen the "AAA rates" signs in front of hotels when traveling. So why haven't you joined/ Liek a lot of people out there, you probably think that all roadside assistance clubs offer is just that, roadside assitance. However, this is not true. Many clubs offer all sorts of benefits, the roadside assistance is just one of those perks.

There are many advantages to having a membership in an auto club. Auto clubs don't just offer roadside assitance anymore. Many out there, like AAA, offer member benefits, like travel options and travel discounts. Many hotels and motels offer a discount to auto club members. Take for instance, with AAA you can get hotel discounts, discount car rentals or even put together a vacation package that suits your needs and budget. Many auto clubs offer discounts on hotels, car rentals, crises, airline reservations, vacations and other travel.

Some auto clubs out there also offer financial services, like providing a visa card or arranging for travelers' checks, travel money or foreign currency exchange. Some also offer member-only values on DVD rentals, flowers and other types of entertainment.

Other clubs even offer car buying assistance. Again, take AAA for example. AAA can help you find the right car, and negotiate the deal by getting the best price. They even arrange the financing and perform diagnostics and service for the vehicle for the time that you own it. Isn't that great? A few auto clubs out there even offer different types of insurance, such as life, health and homeowners insurance.

Of course, the best reason to join an auto club is in case you have that roadside emergency. What if you get a flat and have no spare? Or maybe you have engien trouble out in the middle of nowhere. If this happens, you can call the number on your auto card club and help is on its way. As easy as that. What if you get lost and need directions? Just call and your auto club will be happy to give you directions to get where you are going.

Are you still sitting there mulling over if you should one or not? If you do not join it for yourself, why not join if you have teenage drivers that could benefit from your membership. You never know when your child may run into a problem they will need help with when traveling away from home. It may even come in handy for your college aged son or daughter, who may be at school hundreds or even thousands of miles away from any assitance you could provide for them. Keep these things in mind when thinking about joining an auto club. If you are not already a member, why not become one today? It could change your life.