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Welcome to Car Care 4 You. Your parts and accessories shop on the net. We have combed the web looking for the best auto related parts, accessories, books, articles and news for you. Car Seat Covers will protect your cars seats. We know you only want the very best when it comes to caring for your car, thats why we have compiled a database of the bets places on the net. Our news section will keep you up to date on the latest happenings in the automotive world so you can stay informed. Check out our books section for manuals, maintenance and repair guides and much more. In our automotive parts section, you will find places to purchase auto parts, accessories, covers and floor mats, paints, mirrors and many other automotive supplies for your vehicle. You can even find service stations near you. The parts database also lists dealers of aftermarket parts. If you need automotive advice, you can find it there also. You should also check out the roadside assitance section. It is always a good idea to have some type of auto club membership. You never know when you may have car problems and need help.
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Covercraft Spare Tire Covers
Polyester base fabric is covered with a textured vinyl finish. Available in three (3) sizes. Available in black only.

Small - Tire diameter 26" to 29" / width 6" to 8"
Medium - Tire diameter 29" to 31" / width 8" to 10"
Large - Tire diameter 31" to 33" / width 10" to 12"

Constructed with durable double-needle seams and a multi-strand shock cord that's sewn inside the hem area. Shock cord features corrosion-free clips at each end to allow the cover to be easily pulled over the tire before snapping the shock cord ends together.

Tips on Washing your Car
In this economy, car care has been placed low on the list. Fewer people are running their vehicles through the local automated car wash due to the high cost of gas, and pretty much everything else today. However, washing your car is incredibly important and is a very easy DIY job. So rather than spend your dollars at the car wash, do it at home with these simple tips!

Washing your car will preserve your it for longer and keep it looking new. If you continue to keep your car clean and in good condition, it will increase the resell value if you ever plan to do so. There are many products available at your local auto supply to wash your car. Since there are many afforable options, stay away from common liquid dish detergents. These products are designed to remove animal or vegetable fat from stoneware. This means they will also remove the wax that is protecting the finish on your car.

To make your wax job last longer you might want to use a product that is specifically designed for washing your car. These types of soaps are usually pH controlled and some contain gloss enhancers and some have small amounts of water soluble wax. Check with an auto care specialist to find the right product for your vehicle.

To wash your car: Start with a large clean plastic bucket; fill it with cool or tepid water and add a small amount of car wash soap. Never use hot water it will soften the wax (like how a flame softens the wax in a candle), which may cause it to be wiped off. Just remember that less is more when adding the soap to your water. It is best to use liquid car soap and not the powder form. The powder may not dissolve all the way and tiny particles can get in your sponge and scratch the paint.

Make sure that you try to wash the car in the shade, and be sure that the car is relatively cool to the touch. When a car is cool, it will allow water to evaporate off quickly. Spray the car down (with your hose on a gentle setting) to thoroughly wet the surface. It is best not to use a power sprayer that may grind the dirt into the cars finish and cause scratches. Wash one section at a time so the soap wont dry on the paint.

There are different types of products you can use to wash the car, such as a wash mitt, wash pad or sponge. Make sure to dry the car as soon as possible. We recommend using completely clean, 100% cotton towels. Make sure there is nothing on the towels that could scratch your paint. Things like dried paint or glue can be very abrasive. Use the towels to gently blot the excess water off the car. You could also use a specially designed car chamois to dry the wet spots.

Bird droppings are disastrous to a paint job and should be removed as soon as possible. The droppings are highly acidic and will peel the paint right off of your car. A handy tip to remove bird droppings between washes is a bottle of seltzer water. With the cap off, shake up the bottle and hold your thumb over the top. You will have an instant water hose to rinse off the droppings until you can perform a proper wash.

By washing your car regularly and with the right tools you will be able to keep your cars finish looking like new. For those times in between washes, keep your car covered and protected with a high quality custom car cover. This will not only preserve all the hard work youve put into your car and keep it protected from dirt, grime, moisture and anything else that happens to land on your car.

Ready-FitĀ® ATV Covers

  Semi-custom covers provide protection during outside storage. These covers help protect your investment and keep it looking new longer. Five (5) sizes are available to fit most ATV's, with and without racks.

Features & Benefits
bullet Made of urethane-coated polyester - silver finish reflects heat and UV rays or camo finish for use by hunters.
bullet The tough fabric is waterproof and will also protect against tree and bird droppings.
bullet Elastic in the hem at front and rear helps hold the cover in place.
bullet All stress seams are overlapped and double stitched for maximum strength.



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